Helen Keller

Helen Keller

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hello Fellows:
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I can't believe that we are only days away from saying Goodbye to 2010 and ushering in year 2011. This passed year has been filled with many blessings,one having the honor to be a part of the Helen Keller Fellowship and the awesome opportunities it has brought to my life. First, meeting all of my fellows and having the chance to make wonderful friends with people who share my passion. Two, the opportunity to meet all the experts and professionals in the field at the National meeting in Washington. Which by the way, I would like to recognize some special people that I had the opportunity to meet who was willing to give of their time and expertise in my search for answers:
Jay Gense-Thank you Mr. Gense for your email messages following the National meeting concerning the next steps taken in Deaf/Blindness.
Gail Leslie
Christina Reagle
Nancy Ganson
Rosanne Davidson
John Killorian
and many, many others.

And to Toni Hollingsworth of the Mississippi Deaf/Blind Project, who has worked diligently to provide me with an internship opportunity to teach in a school for the deaf and to live with a sweet lady by the name of Mary who is Deaf/Blind. I know that once this 7 week internship begins, Mary will have so much to teach me. What an awesome opportunity and experience!!! Everyone wish me much luck and knowledge in this endeavor. I can't wait to see what this new year will bring and what new experiences and adventures our fellows will be presented with. Please say a fellows prayer for me as well as I proceed with the paperwork and time of anxious waiting to see if I will be accepted into a program to fulfill my next educational dream.

Now, down to business. This is a reminder of our next Fellows meeting which will be online:

On January 25th, 2011, NCDB will kick off its webinar season for the new year.

Network Supports and Resources for Families
Date: Jan 25th, 2011
Time: 10 a.m. (Pacific Time)

This webinar will feature presenters from Project SPARKLE, the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation, NFADB, and the New York State Project. Each will focus on the services and resources their projects offer for families with children who are deaf-blind. The webinar is targeted to service providers or representatives of any agency or organization working to connect families.

Information about accessing the webinar will come out early in January. Watch your email or check out the NCDB website for those details. We look forward to having you join us.
Any questions, please feel free to contact us at (800) 438-9376.

Also, send an email to Randy Klumph to be added to the db list serve. What wonderful resource for information.

Lastly, a message from Gail Leslie, please take advantage of this opportunity!
Hello Fellows,
I know this time of year is busy for teachers and students alike. You all are both, so I imagine that you are looking forward to some peace and rest over the next few weeks.
I wanted to take a minute to extend an invitation to any of you who would be interested, to join Info Specialist Peggy Malloy in a tour of the NCDB website. There are lots of things on the site that we believe would be great for you to know about, not just in your work with children, but great resources for you as a student, as well.
If you would be interested in this, let Peggy know, and she will arrange some dates.
Her contact info:
email: malloyp@wou.edu
phone: (503) 838-8598 or the (800) 438-9376 number.

Fellows, please log on and keep up with the next adventure in our year, and please feel free to post pictures, messages, comments, ect. and lets keep up with each other, our next endeavors, share information and knowledge/experience in deaf/blindness. We all have so much we can offer to each other.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,
Angel Perez

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